Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Laura Arual wears pink today, but wonders how much good it really does. "Bullying" is an overused word that has lost its meaning, and the real victims remain unaided.


  1. This being un-facebook, I cannot simply press "like" and continue on my way. Observations: 1.Agreed re: the effect of the whole thing, BUT it was a fantastic, inspiring story that started the whole thing. 2. The ratio was probably 8:2 girls to boys wearing pink today. 3. It is not possible to buy a pink T-shirt in the men's department at Wal-Mart. 4. My grade nine kiddo forced her 10 year old brother to wear pink today. Ironic? 5. My 13 year old non-pink-wearing-over-his-dead-body progeny pointed out that baby blue is to blue as pink is to red -- but baby blue doesn't have its own name.

  2. your 13 year old is brilliant. ... many of the boys in my intermediate school manned it up and wore pink or the closest red/purple thing in their closet, but baby blue could be next year "alternative" colour. thanks for posting.