Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Laura Aural has discovered that, yes, some people are that shallow. She didn't think her sister was one of them.


  1. Hye, its Meg from the Artist Way group. Just had to take a peek. I see you too are a fan of Happiness Porject. I find that her stuff is helpful even if I don't consciously work on it.
    Its hard when the ones we think of as supportive don't seem to be there when we need them most. I have been working thru the same issue as you for a while now. Good blog.

  2. thank you meg for the comment on "unfacebook." my comment was typed after an exasperating phonecall with my younger sister, who finallu clued into the fact that i am sad two phone calls ago and advised me, "don't be sad." last night's phonecall she said, "all you do is sound sad and complain. it must be hard being you."
    yes mattel, the brown-haired barbie speaks.

  3. Hye Laura, please take care of yourself.
    It sounds to me like you are going thru this very difficult time sans medication. I applaud that. You will feel the pain, it will be hard for others to be around you at times. No one wants to look at how painful some parts of life are. I don't believe it takes longer without drugs, it just feels that way some days. A couple of things you could try that could help you, are:

    - make sure you get enough rest; you might not be able to sleep as much as you want to, but you can get into a comfy couch or chair with cushions, blankets, pets, whatever makes you feel relaxed and just rest. I do it with TV, but its easy.

    - turn off your computer early in the evening. I find that working with back-lit screens keeps my brain charged up and interupts my sleep. If you like to read, use a book not a kindle-type device, ipods, etc. I get better rest and don't feel as sluggish/lethargic the next day. Maybe use a play-date to find some easy activities to do during the evening, When I knit I can't snack, so I get the combination of an eye-hand activity and not pounding back extra calories that I don't need, grapes work or chop up a carrot.

    Sorry, this is getting long, but I have been where you are and I have felt very alone. I love your blog and have saved it to read, hope you don't mind. If you want to write me at my email, I'd love to hear from you. If you don't appreciate my unsolicited advice, I understand and will accept your decision.

    Take care of yourself.

    Cheers, Meg

  4. thank you meg for reading my blog and your very kind words. i'm trying really hard to the things you suggested, but I'll admit sometimes it's not easy...wallowing in self pity and sadness comes easy.
    please give all of the advice you would like.
    and i'm super happy that people are reading my blog.

  5. Hye Laura, I'm really glad my words weren't offensive in any way. Trust me, I haven't cornered the market on solutions to this conditiion. This past w/e was wonderful for just wallowing and being down for me. I used to have huge guilt about it, now I just go with it and it doesn't seem to last as long.

    You are new to this break up and your life isn't going to come back in a matter of weeks or months. I was married for 30 years and had lost my own identity completely. I was in shock for the first couple of years. Now its been many years and I'm just starting to figure out what I am doing and how to work at it. The TAW group keeps me focused on my 'Want'; want is what drives my boat.

    I guess what I'm trying to say to you is not to be afraid to really feel the pain, don't be scared of it. You can get better control if you are able to work thru the darkest parts and look at how you want to change the way you did things.

    Ya, I know how you feel about people reading your blog, I have one and have never had a comment on it.

  6. OMG, sorry. My name didn't show up on the previous post. Its Meg from TAW. Thot it would come on automatically, I guess.

    cheers, Meg