Monday, August 20, 2012


Is it possible to get everything you have ever wanted? I wonder that often lately because it seems like I have everything I ever wanted. Most of it I didn't even let myself dare to want to it, and now I have it. As I type this out, I lie in bed next to an amazing man who embraces me for me.
In the last month it really does seen like we have everything two people could ever want. So many good things have come our way, I am occasionally concerned that I am not giving proper thanks and showing sufficient gratitude. Our latest goodness is his job - not just a job, but a career, the much sought after career.
It seems to me like we have been given more, blessed with more than most. I wonder why that is. Perhaps it is not just that we have more than others, but that we make each other happy just as we are, and all of the shiny new things are enhancements not the foundation.

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