Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A few moments in my library. The door is shut, but I hear Cooper's dog tags jingling in the hallway and Chris typing in his office. I need better lighting in here. Softer lighting. Not the harsh overhead lighting. But I like it in here. I don't come in here often enough, but I like knowing that this space exists. It is mine. No one else comes in here. All of the Laura things are in here. It is like my Charlotte street apartment recreated. The same ratty bookshelves stuffed with books, and my favourite shade of pink. My throw pillows. One of the best things about this room is that Chris understood how important this space was to me. He understood how it balances me, keeps me me. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but he helped me set it up in the summer. Recognized that it needed to be a priority.
I haven't utilized it the way that I should, but I like knowing I can come here. It reminds me of the first few weeks in the house when everything was new and I was in awe of being able to live here.

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