Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A year ago today. We picked up the keys mid afternoon, got sandwiches from SAMs and krista brought us here. Unbelievable and break taking that our keys opened the door to this bright, beautiful, empty and clean space, and it belonged to us. It felt surreal walking a long king street with the key in my hand. It felt surreal to open the door nd walk through the house. 
   A year later the space is starting to feel like home. A little lived in and worse for wear in spots, ei the kitchen and garden, but it is a house full of love and laughter. We argue, we fight, we are the petulant children we never were, but we love, we grow, we compromise. So, does the house. It excuses our mistakes, the roughness, we are not the retired Leneys who were deeded this place before us. Cooper with his clunking bones dinging up the hardwood. The cats shedding. BBQ sauce on the ceiling tonight. The house is no longer a show piece, it is a home. Our home.
   Every day I love him more. Everyday I realize jut how important he is in my life. How I turn to him, am amused by him, how he has carved out a niche for himself in my life. I am a lucky woman, and this beautiful space reminds me of that daily. 

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