Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laura Arual wonders what makes a good relationship, wonders even more how to untangle from a bad one, and wonders the most about why people stay.


  1. This could feel like a loaded question, Laura. But, my own thinking is that you have to keep going day to day, on your own till you discover what you want in your own life. When you can answer the questions:

    1) Who amd I?
    2) What do I like?
    3) What do I do?
    4) Wht do I need from one who wants to share my life?

    The further we go forward in this scary new world, the more important it is to have a good grasp on yourself as an individual, don't entrench yourself in the life of anyone else. Be strong enough to decide that you can't deal with the needs or expectations of this person. It can take a long time, like a couple of years to get strong enough in yourself to be objective.

    These are my observations from self research.

    Cheers, Meg

  2. thank you meg for your advice.
    my post was generated after a phonecall with a very dear friend. she is beautiful and generous and capable and a helluva mother and professional and her husband doesn't recognize or celebrate any of that. i'm glad to see that in my phone call, i asked her variations of the questions that you asked me.