Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laura Arual is having the kind of day where her mood matches the weather - grey. She can't stop thinking about how men are jerks and that her sister is a hurtful brat.


  1. Sister a hurtful brat is unacceptable. I know she just got married and is happier than hell, but she needs to know that you are in the middle of misery and needs her support also.

    I just had a rant about men being jerks, maybe its in the air. Unfortunately, when women decided to compete with men, it was decided to do it at their level, not raise the bar; so now we have to take the same crap they have always dished out to each other. They don't care cuz they have a different mentality towards life. I mean when you never think of yourself in terms of having any value above the waist, that's how you see the rest of the world, and it doesn't stop as they get older, they just become more obvious about it. I hate that I was part of the population who has allowed this thinking. Just my opinion.


  2. thank you meg, but my sister and I don't have the kind of relationship where I have ever turned to her for support. She said some mean things to me a few weeks ago, and I'm not ready to talk to her.
    you're right in saying that men have a different mentality towards life than women.