Sunday, April 3, 2011

Laura Arual will now post status updates about the week given to the sibling's destination wedding.

1) Laura Arual thinks her father should not be allowed to drive a vehicle in a large city. His belief that traffic road signs do not pertain to him is not endearing. (Sunday - hotel)
2)  Laura Arual is trapped in a hotel room with the parents willing them to shut off the bloody tv and go to bed before the 5am wake-up call. (Sunday - hotel)
3) Laura Arual hopes that at the age of almost 35 she is responsible enough to carry her own ticket and boarding pass. (Monday - airport)
4)  Laura Arual  loves her parents very much but right now her most fervent wish is for them to shut up. (Monday - airport)
5) Laura Arual reminds herself that a week today she will be again in her own life. Glorious.  (Monday)
6)  Laura Arual is stuck on a bus at the airport. She has decided that she doesn't like traveling.   (Monday)
7) Laura Arual may not like traveling, but she likes strawberry daquaris. (Monday)
8) Laura Arual is poolside and observing how you can not turn mutton into lamb, no matter how expensive the bikini or how much you flaunt that greying chest hair. (Tuesday)
9) Laura Arual thinks all-inclusive resorts are like summer camp for adults. She never liked summer camp.(Tuesday)
10) Laura Arual did not realize how important it is for her to be by herself until she was not.  (Tuesday)
11) Laura Arual hates being forced to have other people's idea of fun.  (Wednesday)
12) Laura Arual thinks she knows what the smiling Mexican staff really think of the inebrieated Canadian and American vistors. (Wednesday)
13)  Laura Arual does not think that anything will be as awe-inspiring as watching the Sea of Cortez was last night... especially the rehearsal dinner. (Wednesday)
14)  Laura Arual is tired of buffet and really would like to make a grilled cheese sandwich. (Wednesday)
15) Laura Arual thinks her sister must be skilled to have found a mother-in-law even more of a crazy-maker than their own mother. (Wednesday)
16) Laura Arual reminds herself what a very wise friend said, "It's her journey" and she truly hopes for only good things. (Thursday)
17) Laura Arual watched a breath-takingly beautiful wedding today, and wondered if what is beautiful on the outside is also beautiful on the inside. (Thursday)
18) Laura Arual was told that the Bible obligates her to have children because she is a woman. Um.... she was also told in grade 9 religion to read that particular text contextually cuz it is thousands of years old, and basic survival demanded that then Then God helped us to invent birth control. Amen. (Thursday)
19) Laura Arual tried to do the right thing for all of the right reasons, but it turns out it was all wrong. (Friday)
20) Laura Arual does not know how she could be related to someone as plastic as their acrylic nails. (Friday)
21) Laura Arual thinks they lied when they said that family is the most important thing. Bullshit. (Friday)
22) Laura Arual eats a sub from Subway in the Los Cabos airport and begins to almost feel like herself again.  (Saturday)

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  1. Hye Laura, it seems like it was a very hectic trip. I wonder if it was a hard time for you to go to a big wedding like that were there were so many happy people, partying, enjoying so much fun together. You are still in so much of pain of your own that you were overwhelmed most of the time. All those little details of an ordinary wedding with all its issues were like being trapped in a far away country, unable to cope with all that fun.
    I'm sorry you had to go thru all that and not feel like there were any rewards for you. In time, maybe a long time, you will look back on it with different eyes, but for now you need to be alone, rest lots, don't forget to UNfb us, take time to make your life what you want it. If you'd had a choice you may have declined being in the wedding party, but you did what you had to do, for which I applaud you, and now you can go forward your own way. I'm rambling, so I'll go now.

    Cheers, Meg