Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Laura Arual seeks advice: she was notified by email that the wedding gift that she sent to her sister has been returned to the on-line vendor. She emailed her sister two weeks ago wondering if it had been received. So, reconfirm the gift shipping address or does anyone want a sweet squirrel-proof bird feeder?


  1. send it back to her for Christmas. Yes, she really is that St . . . . Poor you.


  2. haha Meg! I wish I had thought of that. In the end, proper manners dictated, and I had it reshipped to her. Yes, I have a sister who let a parcel sit at the post office for a month because she was too busy to pick it up. My friend whose son was a preemie and is now a month old told me she had time to go to the post office. my sister has a puppy... I guess puppies are more work than babies who are 5 weeks early.