Thursday, May 9, 2013

A quiet day. Alone. Accidentally playing hooky from work and life. Not even any housework today. I reread almost all of off-facebook. That is usually what I do on days like this.
   It surprises me how many people have blogs and don't maintain them. So much passion and energy and promise poured into those first few entries and then nothing. I feel sad for those broken digital promises. Like a digital notebook left with thousands of blank pages.
   As I lie here updating my own little corner of the internet, I realize how these escape from life days recharge me. They allow me to recharge, resettle, reground. And. gold stars to me for not spending all day playing bejewelled or doing housework - my default activities when without obligation.
   I've been contemplating something called the 101 things in 1001 days - I like and dislike the idea of a list because when you can check off what you have done, it is exhilerating, but when you don't, I want to crawl into bed with the covers over my head. I first read about it on Shelly's blog, and so, I poked around on the internet. 
   I like the idea. My challenge will be to make a fun list.

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