Monday, December 30, 2013

Writing- a new thing

Lost entries. At least one written  on the bus enroute to niagara for the holidays where I rewrote about how being squashed next to someone was a lot better when it is your someone. 
A familiar refrain, but I need to start writing again. I've been reading xojane regularly since the summer, and I think that when I'm at my best, my stuff is comparative to some of theirs. No one reads mine so I don't have a barometer, but that isn't why I write. Or wrote. Past tense is more appropriate.
I like the style of the multiple subjected blog columns where there are common themes. 
I was writing about the 30 things until a topic froze me and I abandoned it. And a mundane technical issue that I gave greater importance to than it deserved.
I need to compile a list of topics to write about.
My own topics
- my dog
-riding the bus
- body issues
To be continued...

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