Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This is the first post to the new year. A daunting task. It will be one under January 2014. Like starting the first page of the new notebook, digitally. I know it will be a day late, but I like the idea of taking your fears and writing them and then burning those little pieces of paper. I am going to do that tonight.
   I also want to talk to Chris about the theme word of the year. Last year the word was home and my desire to make our house our home. Gag, that sounds like something that should be on Pinterest. But true, and I think that I succeeded. We succeeded. With much laughter, some tears, a bit more yelling than either of us would have liked. A lot, I realize, too many expectations for 2013 to be like 2012. Not fair. Each year is its own, and nothing can ever top 2012 for its year of firsts. It was a year of adreinelaine from start to finish. 2013 was hard, a lot of shitty shit happened that made the year and this relationship real, but we got through it. We survived and, like I told his sleeping form last night, it made us stronger as an us.
The word for this year should be communication. It was that break down in communication that led to the tears and the yelling. Not being clear with words, not being open with listening. I need to work this year on being transparent and open. 

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